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Bedsores are a common injury for residents in nursing homes, especially in those who are immobile. Also known as pressure ulcers or sores, they consist of skin tissue damage in vulnerable parts of the body where blood flow is interrupted due to extended pressure or friction. Bedsores develop over time and, if not treated, can result in serious health problems. Anyone who develops bedsores may be a victim of neglect or substandard care in a nursing home facility.

If your loved one has suffered bedsores because of the lack of proper care by nursing home staff, you may have grounds for an injury claim or lawsuit against the facility. At Grossman Green PLLC, we can help you in making a valid claim for the compensation your loved one deserves from those responsible for this injury. Our team of proven litigators have the skills and determination required to prepare your case in these complex legal matters.

Nursing Home Bedsore Information

Bedsores develop in people who lack the ability to change their body’s position in beds, wheelchairs, or chairs. Extended contact and pressure on the spine, tailbone, back of the head, buttocks, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and heels of the feet cause these areas to develop skin tissue damage. This is why residents in beds and wheelchairs must have assistance from others in having their bodies shifted or turned. By doing so, blood flow may be restored to these affected areas, preventing the development of bedsores.

Those who suffer the highest risk for bedsores include:

  • Residents who are immobile due to illnesses or physical injuries.
  • Residents who suffer from incontinence which can damage skin.
  • Residents who cannot perceive pain or sensitivity due to injuries or medications.
  • Residents who lack proper nutrition or hydration.
  • Those with medical conditions that result in poor blood flow.

As bedsores develop, they can become worse over time, going through various stages. These stages can range from redness in the skin to blisters, visible loss of tissue, and eventual damage to the underlying muscles, joints, and bones. In the most advanced state, bedsores can result in infection or the loss of a limb. At this stage, residents can also be at risk for cancer or life-threatening sepsis, a blood infection that can lead to death.

Nursing home staff should be alert to the potential of bedsores in immobile residents and treat them properly to avoid serious complications. Preventative care can include visual skin inspection, helping residents shift their weight, using bed equipment that relieves pressure, keeping skin clean and dry, and ensuring residents have the proper hygiene, diet, and liquids to remain as healthy as possible.

Where bedsores have already developed, treatment can include antibiotics, wound therapies, the removal of damaged tissue, or skin grafts.

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If you believe your loved has been harmed by nursing home negligence of any kind, including bedsores, our capable team can review your situation to determine how best to move forward. The development of a bedsore is a warning sign that proper care may have been ignored giving you grounds for compensatory damages in an injury claim.

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