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Vaping poses unknown risks for consumers

Vaping, or use of e-cigarettes, is a quickly growing trend in the US, but it may not be as safe as consumers like you believe. These devices do not burn tobacco like traditional cigarettes, but instead use flavored liquid, heated until vaporized, which people then inhale. Flavor cartridges often still include nicotine which is an addictive and dangerous substance. Some also include marijuana.

E-cigarettes have a reputation as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but even the most seemingly benign nicotine-free liquids may pose a risk. With nicotine involved the risks increase; the chemical can cause heart problems and increases the chance of heart attacks.

How can I protect my parent from nursing home abuse?

People are living longer lives and often remain physically able throughout the majority of their lifetime. However, mental degradation is becoming a more prominent issue, meaning that many older people suffer from mental conditions such as dementia. Dementia is one of the leading reasons why older people need to reside in nursing homes, and it makes them particularly vulnerable to abuse.

If you have recently taken the difficult decision to move your parent into a residential care unit, it is completely normal to have concerns. You may worry that they are confused about where they are, and you will hope that they adjust to the changes in a positive way. The majority of nursing home residents experience an increase in their quality of life as a result of the care they receive in nursing homes. However, others, unfortunately, experience abuse and neglect. The following are some things you can do to protect your parent from nursing home abuse.

Legal help with the costs of brain injuries

This blog has recently discussed the serious nature of brain injuries but it is also important for brain injury victims to understand what the costs of a brain injury are and what they can do about their losses. Brain injuries can take a lifetime to recover from and can be mild, moderate or severe which is why brain injury victims need to be familiar with personal injury legal protections to help them.

The cost of a brain injury can range with the severity of the injury and may cost up to $3 million for a severe traumatic brain injury; $941,000 for a moderate head injury; and $85,000 for a mild head injury. The total cost of care to treat a brain injury victim over a lifetime is estimated to be between $600,000 and $1.875 million. Brain injury costs include an estimated $31.7 billion in hospital costs each year and $9 to $10 billion in costs for acute and rehabilitative care for brain injury victims. The total costs of brain injuries annually is estimated at $48.3 million.

Grossman Green PLLC nominated for Best Lawyers

Grossman Green PLLC is proud to announce that is has been nominated for the honor of Best Lawyers 2020. Grossman Green PLLC provides personal injury representation for victims injured in car accident and truck accidents or in nursing homes, by medical malpractice or by defective or dangerous products.

Grossman Green PLLC has been serving victims injured in accidents and by the negligence of others since the 1980s. The firm represents clients in Indiana and Kentucky and fights for the compensation they need for the damages they have suffered and to hold negligent drivers and others accountable. Grossman Green PLLC can provide skilled representation in personal injury practice areas to help injured victims seek the help they need.

Work left undone in preventing kids’ brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries remain common in the U.S. While their toll is $8 billion in pediatric medicine and lost work for parents, the price paid by child victims is incalculable. Consumer products and sports/recreation are involved in most childhood brain injuries, a new study finds.

Better design and choices in home furnishings and proper sports/recreation protection should make it possible to protect more children against these sometimes-devastating setbacks. To protect public safety, it’s important to continue pressure on companies that make and sell dangerous products.

Legal claims after a brain injury

The brain is the most vital part of the body. Unfortunately, many people have to lead their lives while coping with the aftereffects of a brain injury. While some of them are victims of accidents where no one was at fault, there are many victims whose brain injury was the result of someone else's negligence.

Some examples of such cases would include a birth-related brain injury that was caused by the negligence of health care providers; a brain injury sustained in an auto accident where the other driver was at fault; a brain injury resulting from a slip-and-fall accident on someone else's unmaintained property; and a brain injury that is the result of intentional harm that the victim was subjected to by someone else.

Grounds for legal action for nursing home abuse

After reaching an advanced age, many elders in Kentucky and elsewhere move into a nursing home in order to make sure that they receive the care that is needed in that age. While these facilities are meant to provide the care that those people need, incidents of abuse and neglect at nursing home, both physically and mentally, is common. To make matters worse, there have been many instances when the abuse and neglect has been identified as intentional.

As of today, there will be many Louisville residents who have either dealt with nursing home abuse and neglect themselves or heard about it from family and friends. While the stories are horrifying, the good news is that elders and families can hold a nursing home liable for abuse and negligence, in the event of any harm that is caused to the nursing home resident.

Five steps to keep you safe from medical malpractice

Medical malpractice troubles patients and their families not only in Louisville, Kentucky, but also across the rest of the country. In order to educate people about how they can keep themselves safe from incidents of medical malpractice, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has provided some preventive measures that patients and families can adopt when availing treatment. These basic steps are known as the Five Steps to Safer Health Care.

The first step is to ask the health care provided questions whenever a patient or family member is in doubt about any particular treatment or procedure. Next, it is important for patients and families to be fully aware of all the medications that are being or have been taken and all the procedures that have been performed. They should also let the health care providers know about any allergies and side effects that the patient is suffering or may have suffered from.

Caps on Non-Economic Damages

In recent years, some states have passed laws to set limits on how much money a plaintiff can recover in non-economic damages. Non-economic damages allow an injured person to recover money for unquantifiable injuries such as waking up every day with pain that prevents you from enjoying life or emotional distress caused by your injury. Because the right to a jury trial in civil cases is a constitutional right in many states, plaintiffs have challenged many of these laws as unconstitutional.

Accident caused by tractor-trailer kills 42-year-old man

Being involved in an accident can be hard for both victims and their families as they not only have to deal with the pain and suffering but also various financial challenges. The situation can be worse if the accident involved a semi-truck. One such incident recently occurred on Kentucky Route 55, about 90 miles south of Louisville.

According to news reports, a 42-year-old man was killed after his vehicle was hit by a truck hauling a trailer. Reports say that the victim was parked at a construction site when the driver of the truck hit the vehicle, causing it to overturn and hit a third vehicle. Luckily, the occupants of the third car were not injured. However, both the victim's car and the other car caught on fire as a result of the collision.

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