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Misdiagnosis of disease or injury is a type of medical malpractice that can result in severe physical and emotional damage to patients. According to Johns Hopkins researchers, diagnostic errors make up the most medical malpractice claims, cause the most patient harm, and account for the highest number of payouts to injured patients.

At Grossman Green PLLC, we concentrate much of our practice on medical malpractice and thus have gained extensive knowledge and experience in this field. To support your claim with compelling evidence, we collaborate with medical experts and other professionals concerning the details of your case. Furthermore, our legal team are seasoned trial lawyers who are not afraid to take your case to trial should that be the right course of action for you. Attorneys in our team have earned top ratings for professional proficiency by such prestigious legal industry organizations as Martindale-Hubbell®, Super Lawyers, and the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers.

Misdiagnosis in Medical Care

When seeking the professional care of a medical practitioner, you are often putting your life in their hands. When undergoing any type of routine care, when symptoms arise, or when experiencing any kind of health problem, you expect these professionals to provide you with proper treatment. Diagnosing the problem is key to getting the care appropriate to the best possible health recovery. When proper diagnosis fails, your condition may worsen, resulting in further physical harm, or even death.

Misdiagnosis is also known as diagnostic error. It may consist of:

  • Wrong diagnosis. This means that the medical practitioner assigns the wrong cause to your condition, such as telling you your chest pain is from acid indigestion when you have really suffered a heart attack.
  • Delayed diagnosis. This means that the medical practitioner assigns the correct diagnosis at a later time, often after your condition has worsened. Timely diagnoses for illnesses such as cancer can make the difference between early and delayed treatment. Early treatment is essential to ensure the best possible recovery outcome.
  • Missed diagnosis. This refers to health complaints which practitioners never explain or diagnose, leaving patients without any understanding of their symptoms or what could resolve them.

As you can see, proper and timely diagnosis of your health condition is critical. In fact, it is so critical that researchers consider misdiagnosis to be the leading cause of medical errors, resulting in thousands of hospital deaths annually.

Not all misdiagnosis cases are the fault of doctors and hospitals. Some health conditions can be difficult to diagnose, especially where they may mimic the symptoms of other illnesses. However, where medical practitioners are negligent, where they do not take the proper steps to search out an actual cause, their negligence may entitle you to compensation for the ensuing harm you have suffered.

Misdiagnosis is a complex issue in which you will need the knowledge and experience of a medical malpractice team that knows how to investigate, research, and bring in medical experts to clarify the situation and help you seek a favorable legal outcome.

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  • Anesthesia Negligence $1 Million
  • Death of a Child during Birth $800 Thousand
  • Surgical Complications $750 Thousand
  • Burn Injury Due to Radiation $500 Thousand
  • Retained Surgical Sponge $200 Thousand

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