Avoiding Commercial Accidents: Keeping Yourself Safe On The Job

As a driver for UPS, you’re on the road many hours a day. You do what you can to stay safe, but the reality is that driving techniques of those coming from other states (and even within your own) can significantly increase the risk of getting into a crash.

You see people fail to use turn signals in Kentucky, people speeding and weaving in Ohio and drivers who can’t keep up with others in Indiana. Needless to say, the combination of all three states’ driving techniques and laws as people come to Louisville and the surrounding areas don’t make for safe travel conditions.

In most cases, drivers in passenger vehicles are to blame for commercial accidents with big rigs and commercial trucks. In your case, it seems that people are happy to try to go around you, but they rarely pay attention to see if you’re starting to move back into the flow of traffic. Two vehicles trying to merge into a lane at the same time is simply a recipe for disaster.

What Are Some Dangerous Acts Committed by Car Drivers when Around Large Trucks?

While your UPS truck may not be considered a “large truck,” it has many of the same issues as semis and other commercial vehicles in terms of visibility. You may find it hard to see alongside the trailer and have blind spots to worry about.

Drivers make things harder by:

  • Changing lanes abruptly in front of you
  • Merging improperly, causing you to brake quickly or go off the road to avoid an accident
  • Failing to speed up or slow down when you’re attempting to change lanes
  • Driving alongside your vehicle or so closely that you can’t see the vehicle to the rear of your own

Typical issues, like driving while distracted, drunk or impaired also play a role in a number of truck crashes.

What Can You Do to Stay Safer on The Road?

There is no way to prevent every accident, but you can take steps to reduce them in some ways. For example, you can take a few seconds longer to look down the sides of your vehicle before changing lanes, use your turn signals a little longer before merging back into the lane and stay focused on what’s happening in front of you. By being alert and attentive, you may catch other people’s errors and be able to help prevent a crash.

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