Knowing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

March 18, 2022

By Grossman Green PLLC

The nursing staff has the responsibility to assist residents with personal care, protect, and ensure their safety. Unfortunately, the abuse or neglect of nursing home residents may result in severe health problems, mental issues, or sometimes death. Our experienced Kentucky personal injury attorneys can enlighten you about the signs of nursing home abuse and help you uncover what is happening to your loved ones.

At Grossman Green PLLC, we’re committed to offering highly-personalized legal counsel and compassionate representation to clients who have been victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. As your legal counsel, we can help determine whether your loved one has suffered abuse and attempt to help with your injury claims.

Additionally, our trusted team at Grossman Green PLLC will fight vigorously to protect your loved one’s rights and help seek rightful compensation for their injuries, pain, discomfort, suffering, and other potential damages. We proudly represent clients in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding communities throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

What is Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky?

Nursing home abuse is any form of harm — including physical or mental injuries, financial exploitation, or sexual assault — suffered by the elderly residents of a nursing home or adult care facilities. Under Kentucky law, nursing home abuse involves inflicting an injury, sexual abuse, intimidation, unreasonable confinement, or punishment that results in physical pain or injury and mental injury.

Recognizing Signs of NursingHome Abuse & Neglect

Recognizing the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect can help protect the health and safety of your elderly loved ones and mitigate potential harm. Here are some common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect:

Unexplained Injuries: Having unexplained injuries, such as dislocations, broken bones, or sprains, may indicate possible physical abuse.

Restraint Marks: Also, obvious signs of restraint marks, such as rope marks or bruises on the senior’s wrist, may indicate forceful restrain.

Unusual Behavior: Strange behavior or actions in the elderly person similar to dementia symptoms – such as thumb sucking, mumbling, uneasiness, rocking behaviors – may be a sign of emotional abuse.

Injuries around Genital: Bruising around the breasts, near the genitals, vaginal bleeding, or anal bleeding may be signs of sexual abuse.

Lack of Personal Hygiene: A nursing staff is responsible for the hygiene and personal care of the residents. A lack of personal hygiene, malnutrition, illnesses, dehydration, and infections may indicate abuse or neglect.

Head and Dental Injuries: Unfortunately, elderly residents may sustain head or dental injuries from a slip and fall accident or other nursing home injuries. Any of these injuries may occur due to nursing staff negligence, neglect, or abuse.

Others: Some other signs of nursing home abuse or neglect include:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fatigue, insomnia, or other sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • New or worsening infections
  • Bedsores
  • New changes to the power of attorney
  • Changes in the elderly person’s financial situation
  • Missing cash from the elder’s room
  • Unusual services or subscriptions

If you notice any sign of nursing home abuse or neglect, you must reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney right away. Your attorney can investigate every last detail of your case and identify the responsible parties.

Who is Liable?

Depending on the surrounding circumstances, several different parties may be held liable for nursing home abuse or neglect, including:

Nursing Home Staff: The nursing home staff who caused the abuse or injury.

Owner Or Manager: The owner or manager of the care facility for failure to provide a safe and conducive environment, negligent hiring and training practices, or failure to provide adequate care.

Third-Party: A third party who provides essential services to the nursing home if they are causing abuse.

Our skilled Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys can determine the liable parties and help seek fair financial compensation for your loved one’s injuries by filing multiple claims.

How Grossman Green PLLC Can Help

Knowing the signs of nursing home abuse is crucial to protect your loved one’s health and safety and prevent further harm. If you notice any nursing home abuse warning signs, you must hire our experienced personal injury attorneys immediately to explore your available options to seek damages and help file injury claims.

At Grossman Green PLLC, our attorneys have the knowledge, resources, and diligence to assist, support, and represent clients in their nursing home abuse and neglect-related cases.

Using their in-depth legal understanding, our attorneys will attempt to protect your loved one’s rights and help seek fair financial compensation to cover the medical expenses of their injuries and any additional pain and suffering they experienced. Having our team on your side can mean a big difference in your nursing home abuse lawsuit.

If your loved one was abused or hurt in a nursing home, you may be eligible to seek fair compensation for their injuries. Contact Grossman Green PLLC today for a simple case assessment with skilled nursing home abuse attorneys. Our dedicated attorneys have the personalized legal counsel you need and help you seek rightful financial justice. We proudly represent clients in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding communities throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.