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Was Your Injury Caused by Negligence?

Suffering an injury due to the negligence of, for example, a trusted medical professional or defective product manufacturer, can be life-altering. You may be faced with the financial burden of medical bills and the physical and emotional pain of recovery. To make matters worse, the legal system is often complex and frustrating. You should not have to face this difficult situation alone, especially when it wasn’t your fault.

At Grossman Green PLLC, we believe that those who are responsible for your accident or injury need to be held accountable. When you work with our seasoned personal injury attorneys, we will fight for you from start to finish and seek the best results possible. You deserve to be fairly compensated.

Diverse Backgrounds. Compassionate Guidance.

With unique skills and backgrounds, each member of Grossman Green PLLC brings distinct value to our legal team. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling a range of personal injury cases, from medical malpractice to auto accidents.

As your experienced advocates and partners through the legal process, we will collaborate with you to choose the path that best fits your specific case.

A Diverse and Expereinced Team You Can Count On

Our firm has been a championing justice for injured victims since the early 1908s. Our highly collaborative approach, impressive track record, and a fearlessness in the courtroom are just a few reasons thousands of clients have partnered with us.

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Client Reviews

Hear What People Have to Say About Us

Extremely conscious of my needs at all times.

“The entire staff was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them for any legal problems. I am so proud to call them my friends.”

- Roger, Former Client

Phil was calming, professional, and totally responsive to me and my concerns.

“My dear friend suggested I call Phil Grossman and see what he has to say. Phil was calming, professional, and totally responsive to me and my concerns.”

- Jaye, Former Client

Easy to work with and very professional!

“The firm was able to bring our case to a close and with a larger settlement than we may have gotten working on our own. We appreciate all he did for our family and would highly recommend him to others!”

- Stephanie, Former Client

Treated with the utmost respect.

“They were friendly as well as professional. We were well informed of what was going on and what to expect. They were available to answer any and all of our questions. We were always treated with the utmost respect.”

- Velinda, Former Client

With me every step of the way!

“I could not have navigated the nuances of the case without her and would highly recommend Grossman Green.”

- Andrea, Former Client

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are known to be among the most painful and devastating that anyone can experience.


Bicycle Accident

According to Outside magazine, 857 cyclists across the U.S. died in crashes with vehicles in 2018


Car Accident

Helping Injury Victims File Claims for 35+ Years


Medical Malpractice

Put 35+ Years of Personal Injury Legal Experience on Your Side


Pedestrian Accident

Expert Legal Support for Pedestrian Injury Claims in Louisville


Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Don’t Allow Someone to Get Away with Taking Advantage of the Elderly’s Vulnerability

Our Case Results

Thousands of Injured Victims Helped

Workplace Trucking Injury

$7.5 Million

Bus Wreck Injury

$6 Million

Engine Failure Burn Injuries

$3.3 Million

Failure to Diagnose

$3.2 Million

Truck Accident Head Injuries

$2 Million

Delivery at Birth Injuries

$1.7 Million

Failure to Diagnose

$1.7 Million

Indiana Wrongful Death

$1.3 Million

Hospital Negligence

$1.1 Million

Anesthesia Negligence

$1 Million

Why Grossman Green PLLC Is the Right Firm for You

Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

With over 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys contribute their unique knowledge and background to help develop a winning strategy for the client.

Fearless Trial Attorneys

If it becomes necessary, we are not afraid to go to trial. In fact, from the beginning, we prepare every case with the potential of trial in mind.

Collaborative Approach

Not only do we collaborate internally, but we also collaborate with outside professionals and specialist in order to strengthen our clients’ cases.

Strong Client-Attorney Relationships

Our team strives to understand each client and their unique situation. In doing so, we’re able to develop a tailored approach aimed at achieving the best possible result.

We’re Here to Put Your Needs First

When you are a client of Grossman Green PLLC, your needs come first. As your attorneys, we will get to know you and your story, and then we’ll present you with all your options. While our legal experience and knowledge can help guide you, you’ll get the final say in how we proceed on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on putting the time and effort into building strong attorney-client partnerships. The relationship that you have with our firm will make the legal process much easier to navigate. You have enough on your plate — an attorney who works against you instead of with you is not another obstacle that you need right now. We’ll take the lead, but we won’t make any decisions without your input.

As you focus on healing and recovery from your injury or accident, you may have many questions and concerns that come up. Communication is a priority at Grossman Green PLLC, so if you have questions, they will be answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. You should never feel hesitant to reach out if you need clarification or are feeling confused or overwhelmed by the legal process. We’re here for you.

Don’t wait to take action. Speaking to an attorney is the first step to moving forward. Contact Grossman Green PLLC today if you need legal help. Our experienced attorneys would be happy to set up a free consultation to help you move forward with confidence.

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