Nursing Home Complaints

October 14, 2022

By Grossman Green PLLC

Most residents in nursing homes are happy with the service they receive, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes long-term care facilities offer subpar standards and force residents to live in unclean, crammed, and potentially unsafe conditions. When facilities need to improve their living standards, it could be beneficial to listen to complaints submitted by their residents and their loved ones.

Common Complaints

Long-term care facilities may receive several complaints from residents and their concerned family members. It’s likely to see family members do things like bring them their own food or try to accommodate their family members in ways that don’t involve the staff. However, after a while of seeing no improvement it’s likely that family members will also complain as well.

When this happens, the facility should take immediate appropriate action to ensure their residents feel safe and comfortable with their living conditions at all times. Some of the most common complaints nursing home facilities may receive include:

Poor Quality Food

Although it is very unlikely to be able to please every resident when it comes to food choices in terms of taste, nutrition, or dietary restrictions, food quality is typically one of the most common nursing home complaints residents have. Many facilities like to cut corners, and it leads to very bland food, small portions, or limited day-to-day options.

Call Response Times

Another common complaint many nursing homes receive from their patients is slow response times to their calls. Typically, being called means a patient needs prompt assistance. However, staff members likely have heavy workloads making them unable to be readily available as soon as the patient calls. This often leads to a large number of complaints due to patients feeling they aren’t being effectively cared for in a timely manner.

Minimal Social Interactions

Becoming a resident inside a nursing home can already make older adults feel isolated from the world, especially when not being able to be around family and friends as freely as they once were. When patients don’t get visitors as much, they sometimes expect staff members to fill the void of the dwindling family visits, which is often unrealistic due to the high workload staff members have. Thus, complaints often arise as patients feel they aren’t getting enough social time.

Inadequate Sleep

Nursing home care is 24/7, meaning staff members often wake patients at night to give them their medication or take their vitals. Residents often complain about their sleep being disrupted for these things, along with loud conversations between workers in the halls or their neighbors.

Issues with Staffing

In addition to significant workloads, staffing shortages are also very common within nursing home facilities. Patients often feel affected by this because they see it as a reason their needs are not being met. These types of complaints typically occur when patients feel they are forced to do things on their own such as lifting equipment or are surrounded by undertrained staff members or care delivery teams.

Contact an Attorney

If your loved one constantly complains about things happening inside of their nursing home facility, it’s important to take action. Unattended complaints can sometimes lead to nursing home negligence and become a larger legal issue. If you have spoken to the staff at your loved one’s nursing home facility and conditions are not improving, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney who is skilled in this area. They can go over the details with you and offer legal advice on how to move forward.

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