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Commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions

Approximately 5% of patients in Kentucky and across the nation are affected by a medical misdiagnosis. Some conditions are difficult to diagnose, but it is still the responsibility of the physician to make the proper determination.

Cancer is the subject of misdiagnosis-related medical malpractice claims as much or more than any other medical condition. One respected medical journal reports that more than one in four cancer patients receive a misdiagnosis. And for certain types of cancer, the percentages of misdiagnosis move to as much as 44%.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that causes patients to experience negative reactions to gluten. Symptoms of celiac disease include flatulence, bloating, abdominal pain, weight loss, and others. Doctors commonly misdiagnose celiac even though a blood test can confirm the presence of the disease.

Emergency room doctors commonly miss the signs that a patient is suffering a stroke. The headaches and dizziness stroke victims complain of are often mistaken for migraines or ear infections. These misdiagnoses come with consequences as more than 140,000 deaths happen each year due to stroke.

Heart attack symptoms can closely resemble the symptoms associated with conditions like pulmonary embolism, bronchitis and gastritis. Doctors have even mistaken heart attacks as a reaction to anxiety or stress.

A second autoimmune disease that is often misdiagnosed is lupus. Some patients suffering from the effects of lupus seek medical treatment for years before receiving a proper diagnosis. The antinuclear antibody test is the best-known method to determine if a patient may be suffering from lupus.

A misdiagnosis from a doctor can result in unnecessary suffering as well as wasted money spent on treatments that were not needed. If you’ve been hurt by a medical misdiagnosis, a malpractice attorney could potentially secure compensation for your suffering.