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Brain injury after a car accident

After being involved in a car accident in Kentucky, the risk of a brain injury is sometimes present. Most of the time, a brain injury occurs in severe impact accidents and those where the head hits the dashboard or another hard object whether inside or outside the vehicle. There are a few signs and symptoms that one can look for if this type of injury is suspected. Medical attention is usually needed right away to ensure that proper treatment is given. Sometimes, signs of an injury might not present until a few days or weeks after the accident.

Any loss of consciousness whether right after an accident occurs or days after the event should be reported to a medical provider so that tests can be performed to determine if there is an injury. Seizures are common with a brain injury after an accident as well. These could last for several weeks or months after the incident and can often be treated with medication. When medical personnel examines a patient after an accident, one of the signs of a brain injury that could be noted is dilation of the pupils that is not equal or pupils that aren’t reactive.

A sign of a brain injury that can sometimes be attributed to illness is nausea or vomiting. Speech can be slurred, there could be ringing in the ears, and the person could experience severe headaches. Pain often presents soon after the accident if there is an injury while depression and similar symptoms might not show until days or weeks later.

After an accident, a passenger goes to the hospital complaining of memory loss, headaches, and loss of balance. The passenger is diagnosed with a brain injury and is taken out of work for a number of weeks. An attorney can review the details of the accident to determine who was at fault. Claims can be filed to obtain compensation for medical treatments and bills as well as lost wages.